The Dangers of Supermarket Stain Removal Products

So you’ve spilled your morning coffee on the carpet, or maybe your toddler knocked over her grape juice. Grabbing a store bought carpet cleaning product may be your first instinct. However, that very ‘carpet cleaning’ or ‘stain removing product’ may actually be worse for your carpet than the stain itself. Next time you encounter a spill, think twice about grabbing that supermarket product.

These ‘magic’ products, which are believed to save carpet from that coffee or juice stain, could actually contain very harsh chemicals that may ruin your carpets. There are a couple of main issues with these supermarket products.

Color Loss

The harshness of these supermarket products can be quick in fading the color so you may think the stain has disappeared. When, in fact, the cleaner has actually pulled the color from the carpet, causing permanent color loss. In effect, the carpet is now dyed and professional carpet cleaning equipment will not be able to fix this.

Dirt Attracting Residues

The cleaners are typically foamy because they are detergent based. This means that you will not be able to rinse it out, unless you have a machine. The area where the cleaner was used will be sticky and the dust and dirt will cling to it, making the spot appear darker over time.

Is My Carpet Ruined?

So now, you have attacked the stain yourself without success. You may think it is time to hire a professional. By applying the supermarket products, the stain has officially been ‘set’. Now even the professionals may not be able to remove the stain,. That doesn’t mean that professional carpet cleaners won’t be successful at removing the stain but it can make more challenging.

We recommend calling professional immediately if the carpet is of great value or importance to you. We also offer our SpotOut Stain Remover, which is safe for your carpets and will not affect your professional cleaning.


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