HELP…I spilled paint on my carpet!

Removing Paint From Carpet

Perhaps you had a couple of droplets fall on the carpet while painting your walls, maybe you tripped and knocked over the whole bucket, maybe your daughter busted out her paint set and used your carpet as the canvas. Don’t panic! You may be able to save your carpets. The success of the process will depend on various factors. The cleaning technique used, the type of paint, the color, and the amount of time it has spent on your carpet are all factors to how well it will come out of your carpet.

Step 1. Do not let the paint dry. We mean business when we say you have to act fast.

Step 2. Take a dry, absorbent rag and dab the stain gently until it comes up. Do not rub the carpet or use any other chemicals.

Step 3. Call us if it didn’t come up with this method!

If the paint was allowed to dry for a few days, you may still have some luck getting the paint out of the carpet. Start by scraping at it with a razor blade, butter knife, or something similar. Then, use hot water and an absorbent towel. You may have to be a little more aggressive at this point.

Some  types of paints are more challenging to get out of the carpet than others. Oil-based paints tend to be much more difficult than water-based for example.

If it really is an entire can of paint spilled, soak up as much as possible with rags, then cover the paint stain with very damp towels so it won’t dry. Next, call your trusted carpet cleaning (Brad’s Carpet Cleaning, of course.) We will use our best tools to get that unsightly paint stain out. Just remember, we have been successful with various types of paint stains in the past but it is not guaranteed to come out and you may have to replace that section of your carpet.


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